Alhambra models

Artelor presents a new line of jarapas inspired by the architecture and decor of such an artistic jewel

Alhambra – meaning the Red one – has become the most representative monument of the Andalusian city of Granada.

Its construction began in the 11th century in a place both strategic and symbolic: Sabika hill, overlooking the city. Throughout the centuries Alhambra has been a palatial city, a military fortress, a Christian Royal House, up to its declaration as a National Monument in 1870. In 1984 it was officially inscribed on the UNESCO list of World Heritage sites. Nowadays it’s one of the most visited monuments in Spain because of both the magnificence of the exterior and the finest decorated interiors.


Another example of the commitment to a continuous improvement is our new product line Alhambra, inspired by the designs of the mosaics that can be found in the Moorish monument, the summit of the Andalusí art.

The walls of Alhambra are adorned with colourful mosaics that behind their beauty hide mathematic secrets such as all the existing 17 plane crystallographic groups.

This new line offers a series of jarapas inspired by the architecture and decor of this artistic jewel.